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Casio FX-CG10 Color – Graphing Calculator Review

Casio FX-CG10 Color Graphing Calculator Review

The Casio FX-CG10 PRIZM color graphing calculator is a beautiful piece of technology. While its name is a mouthful (we’ll just refer to it as the Casio PRIZM from here on out) it really can hang with some of the best that Texas Instruments has to offer, and the price is certainly right at under $100 on most sites, including Amazon US.

Fast, Cheap, and Beautiful

The Casio PRIZM really is a fast, powerful and good-looking graphing calculator, and it’s worth every penny. The full color LCD screen is crisp and easy to read, and offers students the ability to graph functions in multiple colors for easier distinguishing between equations in complicated systems. For those learning algebra and calculus for the first time, an easy to use graphing tool is essential, and Casio has outdone themselves with their latest offering.

What about Texas Instruments? Casio vs. TI Graphing Calculators

Yeah, what about them? What Casio has working against them is the same problem that Hewlett Packard has: they’re not Texas Instruments. In a typical high school class, everybody has a TI-84 (or one of its updated models), a TI-86, TI-89, or TI-NSpire. There might be one or two HP’s or Casios, and the teacher probably has some old TI that he’s loved since his college days. Most people become well-versed in the TI calculators and understand how their input works, how the keys are laid out, and how to troubleshoot when stuck in a confusing menu or mode.

That being said, if you’re willing to work through the learning curve of having your own little oddball of a calculator, you’ll be rewarded with an excellent device. Like always, if you can get your hands on one for a test drive, do try to do so. This is especially important if you’re used to the TI line, as you may want to see exactly how different it is from the TI calculator you may have used in the past.

The Final Two Cents – Is the Casio FX-CG10 PRIZM a good graphing calculator?

The Casio FX-CG10 PRIZM color graphing calculator is a superb device that we recommend whole-heartedly. As long as you’re aware that your friends and teacher might not know the ins and outs of your device, and that doesn’t scare you, then you should be fine! It’s an excellent learning tool to be able to learn both new hardware and software, and the Casio PRIZM offers prime offerings of both. If you want to take the road less taken, steer away from the market dominance of Texas Instruments, and give the Casio PRIZM a shot.