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Radian Conversion

Q: What is a radian?

A: A radian is the angle measured between radii of a circle which are subtended by an arc which has the same length as the radii.

It may be easier to remember: a radian is just another measure of an angle, just like degrees.

1 radian = 57.2958 °

Q: What does it mean when I see pi radians?

A: Remember that one full rotation around a circle is equal to 360°.

Conveniently, 360° is also equal to 2pi radians. If you can remember that, you should always be able to convert between radians and degrees. Keep in mind that 2pi is simply a number (2pi = 2×pi = 6.2831…) so when we say 2pi radians, we actually mean 6.2831 radians.

Here is a chart to help you remember: