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Rectangular mural, perimeter word problem

Q: The height of a rectangular mural is twice its width. Its perimeter (the sum of the measures of its sides) is 36 feet. What is the width and the height of the mural?

A: Let h=height
Let w=width
Let P=Perimeter

Height is twice the width:
h = 2w
The formula for perimeter is:
P = 2w + 2h

Substitute h=2w instead of h:

P = 2w +2(2w)

Now substitute P=36 and solve for w:
36 = 2w + 2(2w)
36 = 2w + 4w
36 = 6w
w = 6

The width is 6.


Width is 6 feet, height is 12 feet.